Stop your Citroen C3’s radio from beeping at you

Has this ever happened to you? You’re driving around listening to the radio, switch the car off to go and do something (fill up with petrol in my case) and then when you get back in and turn the key a non-stop loud beeping comes out the radio speakers. The radio probably won’t switch on and the beeping continues even if you switch the car off, take out the key and lock the doors.

Like in this video I recorded of my car…

YouTube Preview Image

The remedy for this is (in my case) to disconnect the battery, wait 30 seconds or so and reconnect the battery. Supposedly it happens because the radio in the car needs to send a code to the car’s ECU as an anti-theft measure. I guess my radio sometimes doesn’t do this, or the ECU is slightly faulty and doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do (I have other weird electrical problems in my car ranging from central locking that stops working to it sometimes thinking all the oil is missing).

A bit of Googling reveals other people with this problem. I think the proper fix is to take your car to a proper Citroën garage, pay for an hour of labour and get the radio recoded to the car. You also need to do this if you ever want to replace the radio.

Be careful, I think my trouble started when I removed the radio and tried to replace it with a 3rd party one. I think doing this severely confused the ECU. Maybe this big warning in the manual was important…

Citroen C3 'Additional Electrical Accessories' warning

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